Tithe vs Offering

Sometimes in a church we find ourselves using “church language” and assume everyone understands. When we come to the end of our offertory time at Christ Church, we typically call the ushers forward so we can give His tithes and our offerings.

You might ask yourself, what does that even mean? Aren’t they the same thing? Well, a tithe, is a tenth of your possessions. This isn’t a random number chosen by church leaders. The tithe is mentioned in multiple places in the Bible but is passed down as law by Moses in Leviticus 27.

The first 10% is called “holy,” or set apart, as belonging to God. The Israelites were to return to God what was already His, and in doing so, recognize the Lord’s provision.

So, as Christians, we are called to give back a tenth of what we own and we get to keep and live on the 90%.

Different from God’s tithes, our offerings are what we give above that 10%. Often offerings are given out of an abundance or in gratitude.